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What is Resoorces.com ?

It's a Platform where we make people aware with Best FREE Resources on the Web. Resources like E-Books, Sites, Tools, Extensions, Software, Learning Courses, etc.

To get the Resources, Lets jump in resoorces.com

What makes us Different ?

Here are the Reasons:-

  1. We Recommend you Tools with mentioning "WHY WE FOUND IT THE BEST ?", Here we provide you atleast 3 Reasons. This makes us Stand out than other Platforms.

  2. We don't just list 5-10 tools of same kind. We RECOMMEND ONLY THE BEST TOOL with one Alternative(In some Cases you required).


What Niche Books do we list?

Books on the Niche:-

  1. Programming.(Web Dev, App Dev and Machine Learning)

  2. Non-Programming.(Startup and Self Growrth)

-Demand Books to us related to these Niche. Link

~Want Books of different Niche than these listed? Just Demand us we will deliver you to personally to your Email Inbox. Link

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